(ch. 11) Action & Adventure Snapshot

(Ch. 10) Also known as “Popcorn Flicks” – most action films are not critically acclaimed, but they do normally have large budgets (READ MORE)

(Ch. 10) Ten-Minute Film Review

As soon as the film ends, and the credits begin to roll, start you stopwatch and follow these 10 easy steps to have a complete film review captured in just ten minutes (READ MORE)

(Ch. 8) It is a Reel Small World After All

Because of this unprecedented growth, in recent years the North American film industry has been forced to adapt to the needs of a global audience, and, Hollywood is having to decide to either embrace the changing landscape, or risk extinction

(Ch. 7) Blockbusters & Event Films

“Jaws” was a must-see film, and audience members across the nation would stand in long lines stretching entire city blocks (READ MORE)