Ch. 3 -Songs that Tell Stories

The following is a list (of user submitted) songs that tell stories with characters, conflict, resolution and sometimes settings, inciting incidents and a complete following of the Freytag Story Arc. 

(Ch. 3) Adaptations A-Z

While there is no perfect definitive collection of film adaptations, I thought I’d take another route. Today, I’m offering you an A-Z look at a few films worthy of investigating. (READ MORE)

(Ch 3) Truth & Film A-Z

Anytime we hear or see the words – “based on a true story” or “inspired by actual events” – we may find ourselves wanting to know more, or wanting to explore the real story. (READ MORE)

(Ch 3) The Camera

The cinematographer (or the director of photography – the DP) of a film is charged with capturing the artistic vision of the director, and in many ways the relationship between the two is symbiotic. (READ MORE)