(Ch. 10) Response Post ; Due 11.5.18

Read all sections in Chapter 10 and Address any two of the following:

Watch this video link (or read the transcript) with controversial director Oliver Stone … (READ MORE)

(ch. 10) Life Lessons from Character Transformation

As we’ve explored character, the inciting incident, the story question and conflict this semester, we’ve come to a better understanding about the hero’s journey, and how to evaluate character arc. Sure, we’ve looked at the character’s goal and quest, but we must also examine the character’s need. This need, is the internal story of the…

(Ch. 10) – The Best of James Bond

(Ch. 10) Dozens of books, 25 movies, numerous graphic novels, and hundreds of fan-created-fiction stories have kept British secret agent 007 (James Bond) alive and well (Read More)

(Ch. 10) Reviewing Political Films

When we view political films we will discover that viewers are not the only ones with bias; filmmakers creating projects can present their leanings in cinema as well. (READ MORE)

(ch. 10) The Politics of Film

Filmmakers of political cinema are interested in every aspect of what makes a society tick. They invite each of us to examine our predispositions and motivations. Think about it. What are the most important issues (READ MORE)

(ch. 10) Action & Adventure Snapshot

(Ch. 10) Also known as “Popcorn Flicks” – most action films are not critically acclaimed, but they do normally have large budgets (READ MORE)

(Ch. 10) Ten-Minute Film Review

As soon as the film ends, and the credits begin to roll, start you stopwatch and follow these 10 easy steps to have a complete film review captured in just ten minutes (READ MORE)