(Ch.8) Indie Films for Consideration

Comedies, action, adventure, sci-fi, drama and horror –indie films come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a list of a few for viewing consideration.(READ MORE)

(Ch. 8) It is a Reel Small World After All

Because of this unprecedented growth, in recent years the North American film industry has been forced to adapt to the needs of a global audience, and, Hollywood is having to decide to either embrace the changing landscape, or risk extinction

(Ch. 7) Response Post

You will need to read, watch and listen and then respond before April 5 before 11:59 pm to the Chapter 7 materials (READ MORE)

(Ch. 7) Blockbusters & Event Films

“Jaws” was a must-see film, and audience members across the nation would stand in long lines stretching entire city blocks (READ MORE)