Why do films still matter?

We all love films, but often don’t think hard enough about the role of cinema in our lives and in society more generally. “Cinema is the most prestigious cultural activity in the modern world. It is for us what theatre was in the age of Shakespeare or painting was in the days of Leonardo da Vinci: the art form with the biggest impact, the largest budgets, the most widespread audiences…”

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese touches on topics ranging from violence in films to the preservation of classic movies. He explains why visual literacy (film, TV, streaming) is important to the world.

Rachel Schaevitz earned her Ph.D. in Media & Communication from Temple University, focusing on using media and the humanities as vehicles for social change.  While cinema has been her primary focus, with a  background in independent film production as well as an MFA in Film Studies from Boston University and BFA in Film Production from New York University, she is an art lover at heart. Here, she explores the power and meaning of cinema.

Filmmaker David Lynch talks the importance of cinema on our society.

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