Review Assignment: Horror, Mystery, Suspense

  • Due March 31 –Blog/Podcast/Video Review Assignment: Submit a review on a film connected to horror, mystery, thriller, suspense (any film covered in Module 11). You may also select any film directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.

You should pay special attention to the impact of cinematography, score and sound design for this review.

Your review should address (at least) the following:

  • Film genre (if it fits into a sub-genre of horror or mystery/suspense -you need to ID that as well)
  • Story snapshot
  • Key cast crew
  • Three to Five key strengths or weaknesses (with examples)
  • What was used to stimulate fear, mystery or suspense (cinematography, sound design, score, production design, acting)? Did it work? Defend your answer.
  • If you review a “mystery” film, you need to note and defend if it is an “open or closed” mystery based on the readings in Module 11.
  • Compared to other films you’ve seen in the genre … was this one the same predictable formula .. or did it offer something different? If different … what was it that made it fresh?
  • Your rating/grade on the film

Submit on your blog (400 -1500 words) or your video/podcasting platforms (four-six minutes). 

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