Filmmaker Interactions (International Cinema)

I invite you to engage with some talents associated with international cinema.

Writer/director Diane Paragas had a dream to bring a story to the screen that spoke of political and social injustice, the power of music, and the beauty of the Filipino people. Yellow Rose is that story, and Diane shares her journey with Noel T. Manning II.

Farewell Amor is a family love story that transcends time, place and war. Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine stars as a man trying to connect with his wife and daughter after 17-years apart. On Meet me at the Movies: Open Dialogue, Ntare chats with Noel T. Manning II about his love of story, character and the reason this film should resonate with audiences across cultures and languages.

Footage of Farewell Amor is provided for promotional purposes from IFC films.

In this five-minute interview with Oscar-winner Alfonso Cuaron, we chat about cinematography, character and story. With films like Children of Men, Gravity, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban & the multi award-winning Roma, Cuaron is as versatile as he is brilliant. Thanks to Netflix for setting up this interview for me. Take five minutes to meet the man and hear a few thoughts about the Oscar-winning Roma.

Noel T. Manning II interviews Oscar-winner Javier Bardem about the Asghar Farhadi film “Everybody Knows.” Bardem shares is approach to filmmaking in multiple languages, working with international directors, and acting alongside his spouse.

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