(module 6) Jay Forry: Blind Film Critic

282186_201427563239705_2866438_nSeeing is not always believing. Just ask Jay Forry.  Forry is a film critic and a former  voting member of the Critics’ Choice Association (CCA). He would get invited to early film screenings, and he received preview screeners from film companies during awards season, just so he could share his thoughts to publicists and filmmakers. He’s also blind. You read that right, Jay is without visual sight.

Jay Forry is a true original; he has been called a pioneer. Forry has been featured on CNN, Jimmy Kimmel Live and on international radio stations and in print and online outlets around the world. His unique style of reviewing this visual medium is as unique as is his humorous personality. Forry has broken the mold of reviewing this art form, and as a blind individual, he’s opened up reviewing opportunities for the sight impaired. For nearly 20 years, Jay reviewed films with Noel T. Manning II on WGWG.org for Blindside Movie Reviews; the two first began this show in 1999.

Jay’s health brought him some challenges in 2018, and his weekly review segments were scaled down to specialty screenings. Yet his impact on breaking down barriers is still being felt. For Forry, the most important elements of reviewing films connects to the story, music & sound design.

To get to know Forry even more read Jay’s story (linked here)  and then watch Part 1 & Part 2 of Jay’s Jimmy Kimmel Live interview:

Sound design, soundtracks and dialogue all come into play for Jay. Watch this short feature to get a closer look:

To get an inside look at how Forry has reviewed films in the past, check out Blindsidereviews.com and read some of his work.

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