Module 3 Announcement

Module 3 … The Prologue:

  • Concerns, problems and questions: When in doubt, if you’re struggling … contact me and we’ll talk about it.   
  • Response/Dialogue Posts: Some of you should consider spending more time defending your thoughts and offering examples. Your dialogue grades could be impacted by lack of critical thought and engagement with these responses.
  • Film Evaluations (written, podcasts, video): I encourage you to check out my notes and feedback for your film evaluations. Since you are just gaining an understanding of my expectations, I will be a bit more relaxed on the first evaluation; moving forward that will change.
  • Late Work Change in Policy:  Moving forward after this module, I’ll not accept late work unless we agree ahead of time. I understand that emergencies arise, and I will work with you in these situations. Depending on the situation, there may still be a penalty for late work I accept.

Act I: Scene III

Welcome to Module 3,

I hope that you are enjoying your time so far in this course and gaining insight into filmmaking, film criticism, and general film studies. We will continue to build on each week’s materials moving forward, especially in terms of applying our lessons to our evaluations. I encourage you take the time each week to understand and appreciate the topics and the resources we encounter.

Topics this module will include introductions to Gustav Freytag and Blake Snyder,  film critics talking about film criticism, Film History 101, the impact of the audience, and more details on the importance of the “script.” There is also a link to a posted article on “why the screenplay is so important” – you should read that and watch (or listen to) one of the interviews with the featured screenwriters. I have several choices: Aaron Sorkin (one of my favorite writers), Emma ThompsonKelly Fremon Craig, Caitlyn Moran and Ami Fuller Brown.

I believe that hearing from filmmakers (and film scholars) themselves will make this material come alive, and you can gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the art and science of filmmaking and film critique.

Coming Attractions

  • Due Feb. 1Dialogue/Discussion Board  Focused on module topics.
  • Due Feb 2: Semester Projects Ideas: Lock in semester project topic (or offer three ideas) and identify (3) three prospective films for review featuring your semester project study. Email me your ideas by Feb. 2
  • Due Feb. 9 Assignment: Interview someone over 5o+ Years Old and write (500-word minimum) or record (between four-six minutes) report/story capturing your subject’s movie history, (start-up/sample questions provided) and post the final draft to your blog/podcast/video channel or doc. Email me the link or document at If you’d like to share your interview with other students, you can post the link on the 50-Year Assignment webpage *Due Feb. 9 by 11:59 pm.
  • Due Feb. 23 Assignment: Submit an annotated bibliography on your semester project. Check out the side nav menu in Blackboard or the film critic blog for more details.

As you move forward in future lessons, you’ll be asked to revisit (and apply) your understanding of character, story, Universal Life Lessons, and inciting incident. So, you should review that as needed.

As always, you are welcome to email me with questions, comments and ideas to

I hope that you all have a wonderful week ahead.

For now, that’s a wrap,

Noel T. Manning II

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