(Ch. 9) The Blumhouse Impact on Horror


Jason Blum left the indie studio of Miramax  to try his own hand at producing and creating his own kinds of low budget films (with a classic studio mentality). Blum,  the production genius behind the successes of Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Get Out, Split and Halloween (2018), understands filmmaking; he understands audience, and he understands the financial side of the industry. His approach to the industry is much like indie film legend Earl Owensby, Blum approaches filmmaking with a factory business model mentality. His company churns our films with a very specific business model in place, and he sticks to it.

Engage in one of the following articles and the interview with Jason Blum on his journey and challenges along the way.

Jason Blum

Read the following article:

How Jason Blum turned Blumhouse Productions into a Hollywood heavyweight


Jason Blum

Read the following article:

The Blumhouse Effect: Why Jason Blum is the Smartest Producer In Hollywood Right Now


Hollywood producer Jason Blum on making horror films and the future of media | SXSW

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