Semester Project Presentations (11.29.18)


This Thursday night we’ll plan to meet in the Elliot House for class. This will be a time for each of you to offer informal highlights from your semester project. The formal expectations I have for you in your presentation are simple, and you should be prepared to cover the following:


  • Your character’s name and characterization (describe the character)
  • What was the character arc? Where was the change? How was your character different and the end when compared to the beginning of their journey?
  • What was the greatest conflict your character had to overcome (self, nature, unknown, God, etc.)?
  • Which Literary Hero represented your character? Why?
  • What was the universal life lesson you gained from this study of your character (and the character’s journey)?
  • Any other important element you feel is worthy of sharing?


We will also get prepped for the final exam and final outside film viewing opportunity. I’d also like for you to be prepared to speak about the one (or two) film(s) you’re happy you were able to explore this semester?

Please call, email or text if you have questions.

See you Thursday.

Noel T. Manning II

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