(Ch. 11) Review Assignment- due 11.28.16

Due Nov. 28 before 11:59 pmclint460

You are to write a review (minimum 450 words with no max number) using the “Ten Minute Film Review” and/or the “Five Tips for Reviewing DVD/Blu-Ray” as your guidelines. You are free to explore a style of writing and flow that you want to here; the guidelines are to get you thinking; they are not there to restrict you. By this point in the semester, you know the important aspects of film criticism to include in any film review. Make it count in this one.

What should you Review? You may review any Western film listed throughout this chapter, a film from your semester project list,  or you can review any film (from any genre) from the year you were born . NOTE: If you review a film from the “year you were born”, you’ll need to research the DVD/BluRay bonus features and mention those somewhere in your review (or as a sidebar). 

**You may also review a Faith-friendly film, Family, Animation, or Children’s Film from the approved list as well.

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