(Ch. 7) Review Assignment Due Oct. 17

Due October 17 (by 11:59 pm) 

RV-AB279_Ebert_G_20110114174255Write a 600 word Review  using the guidelines for Writing Reviews for Print and online Audiences (paying gigs)   600-words guidelines.

Your choices for this review will be: 

1.. Science fictionand Disaster Films (make sure you apply some of the terminology or ideas you learned from the chapter on either disasters or sci-fi when writing this review)

2. Superhero Genre Films  (examine the human elements of the superhero film and how it can be applied to reality)quotes

4. Epic films    – Many epic films are based on true stories, are biopics, or are adapted. Use your understandings of these from previous chapters and apply to this review. 


** Your grade will be based on how well you follow the guidelines and how well you present your evaluation.  Here is a 600-word-evaluation-rubric to guide you as well. 

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