(Ch. 4) Assignment – 500-600 Word Review – Adaptations/Biopics

Due Sept. 26 by 11:59 pm.


During this lesson we’ve explored adaptations, biopics, reality-based films, cinematography, the impact of color and more. For your next evaluation you will need to stay within the strict rubric guidelines here: cinematography-evaluation-rubric . You will see some similarities with previous writing parameters, but key differences as well. This time, your review should be no more than 600 words. So self-editing, while also hitting all the required elements may take some work, and rework. Take the time reexamine your work for the essentials.

Assignment: Write a 500-600 word review on an adaptation, sports films, biopic, or based on a true story film (approved list loaded throughout chapter 4 readings). If you have a film outside of this list (that falls under the same categories) you’d like to suggest, just ask me.

Many of you have selected an “adaptation” for your semester project, so this would be a great time to get one of those films out of the way. 

You will also notice rubric details that require evaluating the cinematography selections of the film. This is due by Sept. 26 at 11:59 PM. Load onto your blog, post here and email the link to ntmanning@gardner-webb.edu.

SPECIAL NOTE: Use the linked Rubric above to guide you. I’m not particularly married to a particular style of writing for this one, but I want you to cover the bases in the rubric expectation. You may find that you’ll need to provide rewrites and edits for this one too before you submit it to get it at the 600-word limit. You also still need to capture important things like cinematography, color theory & provide background on the original source material (adaptation or based on true story).

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  1. Thomas Manning says:

    Hey everybody! Here’s the link to my review of “A Beautiful Mind.”


    – Thomas Manning

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