Assignment Extensions This Week


It has been a chaotic week for many of us as we’re trying to get back into action ¬†after Hurricane Florence passed through and caused havoc throughout the Carolinas, Virginia and even Georgia. The remnants of the storm are continuing to bring issues to the Northeast today. If you have family and friends in the impacted areas, I pray that they are safe and receiving the care they need.

These unexpected life disruptions can cause frustrations and anxiety for anyone. Routine changes like these can initiate breaks in concentration and workflow patterns that are not very fun at times. With that in mind, I’ve decided to offer an extension on the following two assignments:


  • Your “History & Hollywood” evaluation assignment is now due this Thursday, at 5pm. We will still discuss your film and thoughts Thursday night. If you get it to me by Wednesday night, you will get bonus points.



I hope this will provide an extra benefit to you, and as always, please email or call me if you have questions or concerns.

Noel T. Manning II



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