(Ch.2 ) Upcoming Assignment Reminders (and prep)

September 10 – (due by 11:59 pm)  – Online assignment due. Respond to online post after book_2_largelistening to interviews from Ami Brown, Emma Thompson or Aaron Sorkin, and read the posted chapter 2 articles.

September 12 – (due by 11:59 pm) – Film history interview with someone 50-years or olderPost the final draft to your blog and  email the link to ntmanning@gardner-webb.edu.  

September 19 (by 11:59 pm) – Blake Snyder “genre study” review is due (400-500 words), this should be  posted onto your blog & the link should be emailed to ntmanning@gardner-webb.edu.

September 20 (due by 6:00 pm): Semester Project Notes: Identify 4 – 6 (four-six) strong sources for your character biographical sketch/intro (print, online articles, audio, video sources are acceptable). Do not use Wikipedia. If you use IMBD, you should still add 4-6 more sources. If you need guidance, ask me well before this date. These sources should be emailed to ntmanning@gardner-webb.edu.

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